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Construction of a prototype for torrefaction of waste biomass : Orbe, Switzerland

The prototype to produce 100 kg/h of a torrefied biomass out of waste biomass, with simultaneous generation of heat and electricity, was conceived based on a concept developed by HEIG-VD and tested at laboratory scale.

Based on laboratory results, Granit Technologies and Engineering (GRT) SA has developed the industrial concept, provided the base and the detail engineering, managed, monitored and controlled the construction of equipment, the assembly, the tests and the final set up of the plant.

The installation, named Torplant, was designed to process various types of locally produced biomass residues which are not integrated in the recovery chains, such as: wood waste from logging, green waste from the waste collection centers and waste from methanisation units.

The torrefied product has a much higher and constant heat value when compared to the waste biomass. The reduced volume of the product (a factor of one third in comparison to the classical pellets) and its hydrophobic behaviour result in a decrease of the transport and storage costs. The energy necessary for the production process is reduced as the necessary heating is provided from the combustion unit fed by the torrefaction gas.

The realisation of the pilot plant of a nominal capacity of 100 kg/h was the first step towards the validation of the operational parameters and so, towards the viability of the industrial application of the concept.

The commissioning of the pilot plant took place end of August 2016.

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Official inauguration on the 9th May 2016 in attendance of State Councillors Jacqueline de Quattro and Anne-Catherine Lyon