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Making use of proprietary "state of the art" technologies, we help our customers to process liquid and solid wastes, while preserving the environment and the human health.

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Wet Oxidation of municipal waste water treatment sludge: Rovereto, Italy 

  • Processing of non biodegradable organic sludge from the waste water treatment plant of the Italian city of Rovereto (150’000 equivalent inhabitants)

Rovereto plant
General view of the plant
Building hosting the WOx unit
High pressure pumping system for the sludge
  • Processing of up to 3’000 t/year of solids
  • Fully automatic installation operating continuously (7days / 24 hours) with two operators.
  • Elimination of 85% of the organics during the oxidation process and digestion of the remaining organics for methane production.
  • Separation by press filters of the mineral residue for discharge deposit.
  • Granit Technologies has delivered:

o   Initial laboratory tests for the full characterization of the process

o   Basic engineering of the full installation, with sludge preparation, Wet Oxidation process, gas cleaning process, effluent post treatment (biology)

o   Automation concept

o   Risk analysis

o   Selection of equipment suppliers and local contractors

o   Survey of the construction

o   Assistance for the commissioning, the start-up and the maintenance

o   Operator and technician training for the operation and the maintenance