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Making use of proprietary "state of the art" technologies, we help our customers to process liquid and solid wastes, while preserving the environment and the health.

Granit Technologie and engineering (GRT) SA
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CH-1350 Orbe, Switzerland

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Pilot plant for waste plastic depolymerisation, Switzerland

  • Pilot installation operating at 50 kg/h of waste plastic (polyolefin)
General view of the pilot installation built by Granit
Outlet of diesel oil produced from waste plastic
Diesel oil produced from waste plastic

Full series of tests to confirm the design and to specify the operating conditions of the full scale installation

  • Granit Technologies deliveries together with its engineering partner:

o   Initial development of the process made with an engineering partner

o   Concept engineering

o   Basic and detailed engineering

o   Selection of equipment suppliers and local contractors

o   Survey of the construction

o   Commissioning and assistance to the series of tests

o   Analysis and validation of the results