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Granit Technologie and Engineering (GRT) SA

engineering and contractor. 

Making use of proprietary "state of the art" technologies, we help our customers to process liquid and solid wastes, while preserving the environment and the health.

Granit Technologie and engineering (GRT) SA
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CH-1350 Orbe, Switzerland

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Among our experiences

Granit Wet Oxidation process for WWTP sludge treatment

Granit Wet Oxidation process for industrial effluent treatment

  • Treatment of ion exchange resins from nuclear power plant under decommissioning (Italy)
    Conceiving and setting up of a fully functional pilot plant unit installed at the Trino NPP facility
    Basic design for a full industrial scale unit
    Exploitation of a new solution for cementation of residual waste

  • Detailed project study for the treatment of pharmaceutical industry effluent (Italy)

  • Detailed project study for the reducing of organics and the recovery of valuable material (Italy)

Pilot-plant construction

Research and development    

  • Hydrogen storage program : read the article
    Development of the unique technology of storage of hydrogen in formic acid for the application in the supply of PEM fuel cells

  • Design of a wet oxidation unit for the treatment in batch of various hazardous waste